Winter Berry Smoothie

So my favourite smoothie during the colder seasons is so easy and quick to make. It takes just five minutes altogether to prep and blend, all you need is strawberries, blueberries, bananas, milk and sweetener. Roughly chop the fruit down so that it is blended faster, pop it into the blender, cover the fruit with milk, add a pinch of sweetener and blend away!

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Transparent Tea Treat

I was recently at a lovely boutique hotel; Stoke Park for a six course networking lunch. So, towards the end of the lunch I ordered a fresh peppermint tea (so predictable) and too my delight is was served in a transparent glass tea cup and tea pot. It looked so classy and expensive that I just had to get one!

Today i finally managed to track the style down in a local retail store and was treated to two lovely glass tea cups and saucers at such a good price! I could not wait to get home, heat up the kettle, get on my pyjamas and sip away.

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Friday Curry Night

So, Friday to me usually means Curry Night! The norm would be to either get a takeaway or pop down to the local Indian. However whilst moving into our house, I tasted a delicious home-made curry and it turns out that the recipe was from Jamie Oliver. Having a few days off from work I decided to venture to the unknown and try it myself. You will find below a recipe that I used with a few tricks which make it easier and faster for me (I am not one to be behind the hob for hours so quick recipes suit me perfectly).

Firstly, I lay out all my ingredients, measuring them our prior if possible. Then wash the hands and begin.

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Banana Tree Saturday

A ‘Banana Tree’ restaurant recently opened up in our town and I just had to try it out! I absolutely loved the whole decor; fresh trees, rustic wood and hammocks everywhere! The cocktail and food menus were incredible. I had a lovely chilli, ginger & king prawn stir fry and i could not fault it at all.

Normally I would go for a cocktail but as it was daytime and I had a lot of shopping to do i decided it would not be the best idea. I went for a Lemongrass and Ginger tea, I’m not normally a fan of lemon grass but this tea complimented by main dish perfectly; so fresh with a touch of spice.


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